Why DressUp

DressUp it’s an idea by Giacomo Parisi, when a morning, in front of his closet can’t choose what to wear. Tired of having this very same problem each day, and thinking that maybe this could be a common problem try to find an App to solve it’s problem. There should be an App for that, but he couldn’t find any, so he start thinking about making one himself. The name “DressUp” was an instant hit! Unfortunately the search for a developer would last few weeks, mostly because all the people he contacted weren’t sure to be able to develop Giacomo’s vision. At last he stumbled upon Andrea Picchi, one of the best developer in the italian scene. Andrea understands the complexity of the task ahead and contact Simone Figliè, from Oimmei Lab, to write the code. Simone turn out to be an excellent person which stick his neck in the project almost immediately and help shape the Giacomo’s idea into reality. After one year and half of work and 37 beta releases the App reach the milestone of 1.0 version.

The Goal

DressUp has the goal to connect user who can’t decide what to wear with the world of fashion. It’s made for people who can’t easily match colors, it’s for everybody who wants to maximise it’s clothes with new combinations. It’s for everyone who wants to be it’s personal stylist and define it’s own style sharing it’s outfit on social networks.
The user will be for the first time in the spotlight of fashion!

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